An International Driver’s License (commonly referred to as an International Driving Document or International Driving Permit) is a Booklet that Translates Your Domestic Driver’s License into Multiple Languages So That You to Rent Vehicles & Drive Legally Around the World.

An International Driving Document is a Booklet with Translations.

Many companies claim to provide an ID Card. This is not an acceptable document and will not be accepted by local authorities or rental agencies in a foreign country.


What do you need to drive aboard?
License holders are required to take their valid driving license when driving aboard. An International Driving License (IDL) is a translation of that document in 12 UN recognized languages and can assist with car rental and dealing with police and the authorities in foreign countries.

How long does it take to get an IDL?
If you select a digital copy, you will receive your IDL instantly after placing your order. If you select a printed + digital copy, you’ll receive your digital copy instantly and can take up to 14-21 business days to receive your physically printed booklet in the mail.

How do I get an IDL?
You apply online and submit the required documents (a valid copy of your current driver’s license and a passport size image of yourself). We will then evaluate your application and send you your license.

What is an IDL?
Is a bespoke product for motorists wishing to drive safely and unhindered abroad. The IDL translates your valid license into 12 UN recognized languages.

Can I drive abroad with my current license?
Your current driver’s license is required to be with you at all times when driving abroad. However, it is also suggested that you acquire an International License with provides a translation of your license into all major international languages and so ease any issues with police or authorities when away from home.

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"Their service was excellent and prompt. The documents I needed were easy to find and to understand. Their site make the processing seamless and painless. I would highly recommend this site to others, especially if you travel often."
Kelly Shima
"Very easy to complete the process. Instructions are clear and enable the applicant to complete the process In very little time. Cost was very reasonable for a 3yr license. Went to a local print shop were they were able to print the document on the spot. Highly recommended if you are in a pinch overseas. Bottom line the need for the international license is being enforced whereas in the past it may have been overlooked."
Oliver Francis
"We are the USA citizens, and we weren’t able to rent a car in Greece without international driver license- which we realized after we arrived to Greece. This web site was literally the life saver! I applied online and received the complete documentation in my email within 15 minutes. The only thing we needed to do is print everything out and fold it properly (they even provide the instructions how to do that). We got the car, and used it till the rest of our vacation without any problems."
Samantha Blansa